Scam or Legit?

Kobomat Electronics scam or Legit? Read this now

Is kobomat electronics a save place to shop Electronics online? Are they really fast in delivery? This questions might be fluding your head about Kobomat reviews. Kobomat Electronics scam or Legit?

Kobomat is a registered company under G-zoomtech ® 2453653 Reg number

Kobomat Electronics reviews scam or Legit

Well, with the help of customer feedback reviews and my experience with I will totally rate them 8/10. Kobomat electronics is 100% Legit and fast when it comes to their instant mail delivery

Kobomat Electronics launched when? electronics was launched in 2016, located in yola Adamawa state, let’s say kobomat is almost 1yr + now and I must say they have done fine so far.

Is kobomat electronics review yet the best online Electronic store in Nigeria?

when kobomat launched newly, we hoped it could take over from jumia and ebay, despite the fact they deliver within 2days, yet they couldn’t take over from ebay, why? Because jumia & eBay are already over-rated by nigerians.

since the existence of kobomat electronics, they have over 6,093 good reviews from customers who are satisfied with their services, which means over 6k Nigerians has shoped online with kobomat over the past year, that’s quite impressive for a 1yr plus business.

I would say that kobomat is better than cardDelivery, let’s take a look at the comparison below.

Jumia- delivers within A week/ almost 2weeks. Pay on Delivery, No active WhatsApp customer support, able to track your orders till it gets to your doorstep.

Kobomat– delivers within 2days, Always active WhatsApp customer support, low processing fees, able to track your orders.

According to uzomi, kobomat stats

Fast delivery  – 95%

Processing Fee – Fair

Kobomat Agents – 80%

Easy to use website – 99%

Secured Payments gateway  – 99%

Customer support – 88%

Delivery issues  – None -1

Customer satisfaction – 6,093 verified customers

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  1. Abubakar oladimeji

    April 28, 2020 at 11:04 am

    I have bought from them many times, they are really fast in sending cards but very poor in email customer support. High percent of us prefer email to WHATSAPP

    Someone should tell them to allow live chat on their website directly, customers should not always chat them on WhatsApp

  2. Mubarak Hassan

    May 1, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Their WhatsApp customer support is ok, but emailing them na war, takes up to 1Day before getting their reply

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