Jiji.ng scam or Legit? Read this

Is jiji a save place to buy/sell online in Nigeria? Almost all nigerians interested in buying and selling on jiji still asks this question.

Well to he honest, jiji is a save place and also not a save place. I have initiated successful deal on jiji and I have also been duped.

jiji is like a marketplace were buyers and sellers comes together from different locations, some came to scam, so using jiji requires you to be extra careful.

About jiji

Jiji is Nigerian online marketplace, the largest online classified ads company, which represents C2C and B2C sellers in the country. At the moment, it is the place of publication of over 800,000 ads, attracting over 160,000 sellers and 7 million original users per months, who look for bargains in cars, household goods, electronics, services, and look for jobs.

Jiji was founded in 2014 in Lagos,Nigeria by Anton Wolyansky. In autumn 2015 Jiji started a project known as Jiji blog,providing visitors with the information on business, technologies, entertainment, lifestyle, tips, life stories, news.

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