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How to identify very funny jokes

Let’s quickly dicuss on How to identify very funny jokes in 2019. This is the best method to tell if a joke is very interesting before reading them.

First one – ah, their is no step! There are no ways to tell if a joke is funny without reading them, wait, is it possible? Oh no, am not a magician. So best thing to do is just to read.

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Oh, let’s run some text here. Here I’ll write a very funny long joke and you’ll rate how funny it is. OK, let’s go. I’ll name this story my mother’s pride. Hey actually, it’s not a joke but and interesting story.

Part 1 – my mothers pride

Ben sat behind their house with his chin resting on his hand. He was looking dejected and gloomy without uttering a word. It is quite evident that he is sunk in despair.

He could not understand why his stepmother should treat him the way she did.

“Their is nothing I do that pleases her,” he said. Ben had been taking care of his younger half brother and half sister as if they were the same mother with him.

They loved him and knew him as their elder brother but their mother had always confused them. She always calls him wrong names, abused his mother whom he had never seen nor known.

“Does it mean that my mother has no relations? Since I grew up, I have never seen or met anybody that showed up as my mother’s relation or friend. If my mother wasn’t good enough, am i in the same category?”. Ben said to himself.

Ben always asked his father about his mother

” who is my mother?” Ben had always asked his father.

“We lost your mother when your were just 3 months old” his father retorted. Ben’s father made him belive that his mother was not good enough person and lost after confessing her deeds.

Ben was already told that his mother lost his parental grandfather. His grandmother would always always warn him against developing his mother’s traits. She would sit him down for hours telling him everything but anything good about his mother.

“Could my mother be really lost? If she’s actually lost, where was she buried?” These and more questions ever remained unanswered to Ben. What surprised Ben though was the good comment made by other women whenever he greeted them.

“Good morning ma” Ben greeted a woman one day.

“Yes, dear are you not the first son of Gilbert who used to live in Lagos, so your mothers name is Elena?”

“Yes ma” Ben answered

“Your mother is a good woman”, said the woman he greeted.

“my mother?” Repeated Ben, “I was told my mother is late, could it be true?”.

The woman became confused and could not understand why somebody had to tell ben that his mother is lost.

About bens mother

Ben’s mother, Elena was beautiful, good looking and industrious. She is a woman every man would want to have as a wife. She marred jerry (Ben’s father) when she was only 16years.

It was a case of naivety. She barely finished her wassc Examinations when she met jerry who is the only son of his family.

Elena loved jerry with all her heart. He met her in a restaurant where she was helping her mother sell food stuffs. Jerry had come to eat, for that is his normal food joint.

When Elena served him food, he saw kindness and care all over her. He swore to have her for keeps and also love her all his life. Without much thought, he propose to her.

Elena’s mother didn’t agree

Elena’s mother on hearing it vehemently opposed the marriage. She had previously sworn in her heart that Elena, her only child must have at least an university degree to be able to get a good job and be able to fend for herself before she would accept any man’s hand in marriage.

An adage says that to br prepared is not an act of fear. She can not stand to see her daughter, only child, go through what she went through when she lost her own husband.

Elena’s mother lost hers few hours after Elena is born. Mr damon, Elena’s father waited patiently for 10years to carry his own child. On that very day, Mr Damon heard the cry of his newborn baby; he is very thrilled and excited. He did not know what to do or say.

Wow, he saw the nurse coming and smiling.

“How is my wife?” He had exclaimed.

“She’s okay including the baby.” He started dancing and the nurses could not help but join him to dance. Other people around also joined them to celebrate the birth of the long awaited baby.

“What gender is my baby?” Mr Damon asked.

“A baby girl, replied the nurse. And he asked if he can see them now, the nurse said yes but after he buys food items for her wife and baby. But did he Mr Damon survive when coming back? Oh no.

You think you know how to identify very funny jokes? Well, this is not funny but a heart very touching story.

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